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members' voice I joined TOPS last December, and I recently achieved my first goal to lose 100 lb. I have gone from a size 28 in slacks to a size 16, and I now look forward to the highlight of my day—exercise. I have achieved a level of confidence that I did not have as a heavy person. At 56, I have begun going back to school full time. This would not have been possible before I lost weight. I am not at my final weight-loss goal yet, but I have no doubt I will reach it. Thank you for giving me my life back. —Jane Austin, TOPS TN 0145 Manchester After reading "Matters of the Heart" by
Dr. Nick Yphantides in the February issue, I would like to add a heart attack symptom that is not listed: heartburn. I have had two heart attacks, the first resulting in quadruple bypass, and the second requiring the addition of four stents. Both times I experienced heartburn that would not go away after taking antacids, and I did not have any of the symptoms listed in the article.
 —Connie Smith, TOPS OH 0869 Kingsville Response from Dr. Nick Yphantides: A heartburn-like feeling could certainly be a sign of heart trouble. True heartburn from acid reflux is different, but burning in the chest that some might think is heartburn could indeed be chest pain from the heart. n When I received my August/September issue, I was glad to find the three meals in "Lunch Made Easy With the Exchange System." I have tried these, and they are quick to make and taste very good. In fact, they are the only meals I serve myself for lunch, and then I have a light supper. On Facebook, we asked for your best tips Please print more meals like for burning an extra 100 calories daily. these. Finally, I am Here's what you said: losing weight! — andra Reed, TOPS NB S I ride my exercise bike for 60–75 minutes while 3851 Bains Corner watching my DVR. —Connie Wallace, TOPS WV 0530 Hurricane Editor's note: See pages 18–22 for more Get out and pull weeds and dig in the dirt. It burns sample meals using the calories and is very therapeutic! Exchange System. —Theresa Goodlander, TOPS NY 0834 Middleport Park your car at the end of the parking lot and walk in. —Sandy Hughes, TOPS TX 1454 Pleasanton Since my wife works and I am retired, I am the housekeeper. I can burn 100 calories easily by doing housework properly every day. — an Colby, TOPS CA D 2101 Banning Dance like no one is watching. — arcie Young, TOPS NS M 5116 East Chester photodisc/Thinkstock The New Leader Outline is the most useful tool you ever produced. Thank you! I have led my chapter for the past nine years, and it is hard to come up with new ideas. Please continue renewing materials; even if information is repeated, new twists make it fresh. You never know when an idea—presented in a new way—becomes the key to unlocking the door to success for someone. — arion Lyon, TOPS MA M 0449 Gardner Like us on Facebook! HEALTHY & ACTIVE 2014 5

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