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Martha's Amazing Ride after photo courtesy of FROZEN MOTION for tops club, inc. She Took Charge of Her Health in Her 70s—and She's Still Going Strong 25 Years Later You'd think that after years of working hard, raising a family and tending to the needs of others, Georgia resident Martha Malcolm would give herself a break, take it easy and sit a spell. But if you believed that, it would be obvious that you don't know Martha. At 97 years young, she's an active, enthusiastic senior—and she has maintained her weight loss with TOPS for 25 years. Martha first heard of TOPS in October 1987. By then, she had already enjoyed a long and satisfying life. She and her husband, Marion, were married for 53 years and had raised two daughters, Margaret and Gail. In addition to being a homemaker, Martha had worked for 20 years at an industrial clothing manufacturing plant, where she sewed buttons on shirts. Life continued on course until Marion passed away in mid-1986. In the months that followed, Martha realized that she had to reach out and make new connections at age 71. "It's never too late to change. Anybody can." —Martha Malcolm Then, too, there was the issue of her weight. Like so many others, Martha had slowly accumulated a few extra pounds over the years—nothing too extreme, but they did have the potential to negatively affect her health, well-being and ability to get around. "I figured 58 HEALTHY & ACTIVE 2014 before photo courtesy of member By N. Marie Dries Martha Malcolm Lost 10 lb. With TOPS & Stayed at Goal for 25 Years that it's never too late to change," Martha recalls today. "Anybody can improve their life if they really want to." So with the encouragement of a friend who was already a chapter member, Martha attended her first evening meeting at a TOPS chapter. There she found a community of cheerful and like-minded members. In no time at all she had made good friends and started on the path to wellness. Acting upon what she learned at TOPS, Martha began making small but meaningful lifestyle changes. She ate healthier foods and stayed physically active. She faithfully attended weekly chapter meetings, eventually switching over to a morning program offered by a

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