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hemera/Thinkstock Learn It. Live It. A program for use at chapter meetings • hairs for each participant c • pair of hand weights, a filled water bottles or soup cans for each participant • wo paper plates for each t participant (optional) • un, upbeat music f Preparation: Review each exercise on your own before presenting it to the chapter. The week before you follow this program, ask all participants to wear comfortable clothes and be ready for movement. Please Read This Aloud: If you feel like you're not able to do this type of exercise safely, please use your judgment. How hard and how often you exercise should be discussed with your doctor. The appearance of any trade name in this material is not an endorsement or recommendation of that product. TOPS Leaders often use programs like this at chapter meetings. Try this on your own or with a group of friends. Who here finds it tough to stick to an exercise routine or even get started? Raise your hand. Who here has ever regretted a workout? Raise your hand. Most of us probably feel pretty good after we get moving, and it's rare to regret making the effort to work out. But, we all have some limitations—some of us may have back or knee pain, some of us may work long hours, and some of us may just be turned off by the thought of exercise altogether. It's true that fitting in exercise can be tough—but only if we allow it to be. We habitually make time for the things we value most, and our health should be at the top of this list. We can all benefit from exercise regardless of our age, shape or size, and we don't even need a gym to do so—all we need is a chair. Jodi Stolove, creator of Chair Dancing Fitness Programs, shows us how we can sit down and shape up. We're going to be doing a few seated exercises today that you'll be Jodi Stolove able to do at home, or even right at your desk at work. Let's get started! Read notice at left before beginning exercise program. Then read each of the following exercises, demonstrate them, and then try them as a chapter. All exercises and descriptions were provided courtesy of Jodi Stolove, creator of Chair Dancing® Fitness Programs. At find free videos for use in chapter meetings or classes. DVDs are also available. 36 HEALTHY & ACTIVE 2014 photos courtesy of chair dancing Materials: Get Fit While You Sit With Chair Dancing

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