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president's message Why I'm Grateful for the Real People of TOPS Welcome to Healthy & Active, a magazine of TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). What is TOPS Club, Inc.? We are a nonprofit weight-loss support and wellness organization helping millions since 1948 with chapters throughout the United States and Canada. We don't pay celebrities to endorse us, and we don't promise quick fixes or promote unrealistic images of the "perfect" body. Instead, we focus on health. True health isn't a flat stomach, a certain pants size or a number on a scale. Health is having energy and stamina to do the things you love with the people you care about. It's about enjoying life and focusing on what you have— not on what you don't or can't have. I like to regularly reflect on my gratitude list, which includes these thoughts: • I am thankful for a wonderful, slightly nutty family who rely on humor, and who continue to find joy in living, and in sharing their happiness with me. • I have the gift of truly great friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin for decades, improving each day of life's journey. • Through the years, I have worked with outstanding, dedicated people who share my passion, vision and commitment to helping others. These real, precious people enrich my life to the point where I think I am one of the wealthiest people in the world! I am also grateful to have good health, a comfortable home, food to eat, a job I love, a car that runs (most of the time), and clothes that fit! In fact, I used to have a collection of clothes in several sizes. However, through TOPS, I developed faith in myself to discard the clothes that no longer fit as I lose and move forward. My TOPS friends and associates are amazing folks who have taught me powerful life lessons! And they have led by example: I have observed amazing transformations— including sensible weight loss and improvements in overall health—in the lives of so many people. It's wonderful to finally find a place where people do not judge you negatively because of size and appearance, and they encourage you to discover your best self. I like being held accountable in a firm, gentle way, and I benefit from expectations that I will do my best and avoid excuses. I am grateful to be part of a group that values its members far above monetary gain. Since day one, TOPS has been nonprofit and noncommercial. The organization keeps costs low and has never accepted outside advertising. Our member information is neither sold nor shared. TOPS has always been member-based and member-driven. We are real people making changes in our lives, caring about each other and having fun. We hope you'll join us! I care, Barbara Cady President, TOPS Club, Inc. HEALTHY & ACTIVE 2014 1

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